Expose and Explore: Week 1

This week 30 young men in our summer camp began reading Hill Harper’s book: Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny . We talked about discipline, strategy and organization with a demonstration and history of Fencing. There was a teambuilding session to set the tone for conflict resolution and life skills. The campers learned about citizenship by visiting Lansing. We were introduced on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives. The young men saw citizenship in action – teachers protesting at the capital for education reform. Each young man received a backpack, flash drive, two t-shirts, a journal, a book and a water bottle the first day of camp.

…..and we have three weeks left. Check out our blog where we will be sharing our experiences and ways parents/guardians can make this an educational summer for their children.

My favorite quote in the story is we are the newer versions of our parents and our grandparents. It was my favorite because it was saying we are the new versions. The means we are better smarter faster cooler,  than your parents and their parents etc.

D.P, 7th grader, Detroit ,MI

My   favorite quote from Hill Harper’s   letters to a young brother was ‘’grace, peace, and blessing.’’ I really like the  way  he  said  that  and  what it means  to me  is that he is telling  the  young  brother  is  I   love you and  wish  you  luck .

N. B., 5th grader, Detroit, MI

In chapter 1 of Hill Harper’s letters to a young  brother was My  favorite quote from  was ‘’You are a new updated  version of your parents’’

L.W., 3rdgrade, Bronwstown , MI

My favorite quote from chapter 1 in Hill Harper`s “Letters to a young brother ‘’ That voice of doubt is in your head because a previous model (a previous generation) taught you those limiting beliefs. You are not born with that voice of doubt.  It was my favorite because it talked about that the voice of doubt in your head is wrong. This quote means that if you put your mind to it you can tell those voices there wrong.

A.C.F AND A.E.F. , 3rd graders, Detroit,MI

My favorite quote in chapter one of Hill harpers “Letters to a Young Brother” was “You are the perfect product of 15 billion years of evolution”.  This was my favorite because he is talking so nicely to his younger brother.  This means to me that after all creations he is one of the best.  He can do things other people couldn’t do, go places other people couldn’t go.  He could take everybody else’s progress and success and improve it his own way how he likes it.  He also got a huge motivation with his older brother encouraging him like that.  Young people could always use a good motivation so they could have a really great start.

J.H, 8TH, Detroit, MI